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2019 Patient-Choice Award Winners Daemion Johnson (GSK), Denise Vosseller (Sage Therapeutics), and Lynn Hagger (AstraZeneca)

with VP of WEGO Health's Patient Leader Network, Julie Croner


WEGO Health and World Congress have partnered to bring you the 2020 Patient-Choice Awards, an awards program honoring the top pharma organizations, collaborations, and programs demonstrating innovation in patient collaboration to drive improved adherence, engagement and health outcomes – all selected by a panel of Patient Leaders.



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Click each winner below to read more about why they were selected and their award-winning initiatives!


Best Use of Social Media to Engage Patients


Bronze Winner: #RAREis

Silver Winner: Let’s Chat EGPA

Gold Winner: Proteostasis Therapeutics


Most Valuable Patient Support or Access Program


Bronze Winner: Cornerstones4Care®

Silver Winner: TEVA & MCC Community

Gold Winner: HealthCaring Conversations for Clinical Research™


Most Authentic Use of Patients in a Marketing Campaign


Bronze Winner: Cosentyx®

Silver Winner: TrialScope

Gold Winner: Survivorship Today


Most Effective Collaboration with an Advocacy Organization


Bronze Winner: LVNG with Lung Cancer

Silver Winner: EnhancingAccess2Care

Gold Winner: AstraZeneca


Champion for Patient Collaboration


Bronze Winner: CSL-Behring US Patient Engagement Team

Silver Winner: Lindsey Smith

Gold Winner: Bianca Jay



Meet The Judges
PCA - Awards Categories

The WEGO Health Patient-Choice Awards feature 5 awards categories honoring stand-out patient collaboration initiatives. For each award category, 3 winners are honored with either a Bronze, Silver or Gold tier, recognizing 15 honorees in total. The awards category descriptions are as follows:

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With a network of more than 100,000 patient influencers across virtually every health condition, WEGO Health helps the world's leading life sciences companies conceptualize, create and execute social media campaigns that drive high-value actions. We combine the science of influencer marketing with the power of patient-driven content to deliver engagement across patient communities at scale.


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The Patient Congress is a 3-Summit event focused on incorporating the patient voice across the entire product lifecycle. Attendees will examine the pieces integral to the patient journey of both small and large patient populations including patient access, adherence, and advocacy. With more than 250+ industry leaders representing life sciences companies, pharmacies, health plans, provider organizations, patient groups, and patient leaders, attendees will learn innovative and collaborative ways to improve access and health outcomes for patients. Join us this year to develop your organization’s patient-centric strategy from drug development through commercialization, to break down internal silos, and to improve patients’ lives across the entire continuum of care.