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“Patient experience” is no longer a buzzword for pharma brands. It’s the backbone of a strategic plan for consumer engagement. As brands transition into a patient-centric future, how do they define a strategic and measurable patient experience plan — one that uses key performance indicators that can inform success?
What better to guide the way than the voice of the very patients brands are trying to reach?
Joined by four patient opinion leaders across several chronic, acute, and rare conditions, WEGO Health hosted a webinar to discuss perspectives on patient experience and answer some of pharma's most burning questions, addressing topics such as:
  • How brands can work to improve the patient experience “beyond the pill”
  • How  brands can enlist patient influencers to activate their peers on social
  • What patient communities most need from brands in this era of uncertainty
Watch the webinar recording below, and get in touch with your WEGO Health rep today to discuss a custom brand strategy to improve your prospective patient experience.

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With a network of more than 100,000 patient influencers across virtually every health condition, WEGO Health helps the world's leading life sciences companies conceptualize, create and execute social media campaigns that drive high-value actions. We combine the science of influencer marketing with the power of patient-driven content to deliver engagement across patient communities at scale.