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In 2021, more pharma brands than ever are turning to social media and influencer marketing to amplify their messages and reach the right audience. Social media marketing is a dynamic, ever-evolving landscape, so it's time for a status update.

Where are patients consuming health information, and where are they sharing it? How important is the role that online communities play in health decisions? What actions do patients take with information learned from trusted sources of content?


WEGO Health surveyed 350 patients across dozens of conditions to get the lay of the land on key marketing insights for pharma brand marketers to leverage in 2021.


The discussion in this webinar surrounds:

  • The importance in 2021 of online communities in health decision-making
  • Who and what motivates patients to take action with health information they receive, and what actions they're likely to take
  • Patients' preferred health information consumption and sharing channels
  • Key considerations for brands interested in implementing branded influencer marketing campaigns
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Patient Influencer Impact 2021 Recording Edited



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With a network of more than 100,000 patient influencers across virtually every health condition, WEGO Health helps the world's leading life sciences companies conceptualize, create and execute social media campaigns that drive high-value actions. We combine the science of influencer marketing with the power of patient-driven content to deliver engagement across patient communities at scale.